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Export Your Products and Services

Why Export?

Exporting is a great way to grow a better business. It helps you expand your bottom line by increasing and diversifying your sales, grow a global presence and brand, access competitive world-wide distribution networks, and take advantage of international economies of scale and experience. You can learn about success stories from a diverse range of companies from all over the United States here.

By being in Los Angeles, you already have an export advantage. L.A. has world-class trade infrastructure including the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which is the busiest port complex in the Western Hemisphere, and the Los Angeles International Airport, which is the 3rd busiest airport in the world in 2019. Together, these global hubs connect domestic businesses to over 200 economies worldwide and facilitate hundreds of billions of dollars in business annually.

Your Virtual Export Toolkit and Export Media Library

As the coronavirus and measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 cause uncertainty and new challenges, exports may still be an option for you now and in the future to grow your business. Whether you are a new or experienced exporter, you have access to many virtual resources right at the comfort of your own computer with the Los Angeles Virtual Export Toolkit.

You will be able to find resources like an exporter assessment, e-commerce website audits, a duties and taxes calculator, free market research tools, intellectual property toolkits, financing assistance, and many more.

From your own computer or smartphone, you also have access to a wealth of export media content to learn more about the ins and outs of exports, gain expert insight into foreign markets, and even receive online intellectual property training. The Los Angeles Export Media Library provides a growing list of export media content from reliable resources and authorities, including brief informational videos, full-length online training modules, podcasts, and many more.

Your Los Angeles Export Service Directory

The Los Angeles region is home to one of the largest trade service communities in the country. You can download the Los Angeles Export Resource Directory to see over ten export resources available to you in Los Angeles.

If you are not sure where to start, continue reading to identify resources that best fit you at your stage of export-readiness and your specific project. As you learn more about exporting and these organizations, you will discover that many of these organizations do so much more.

Learn More About Exports

Many local organizations hosts introductory workshops and seminars to provide the latest market insights and networking opportunities with public and private service providers and other like-minded business leaders like yourself.




For a comprehensive guide on exporting, the U.S. Commercial Service provides A Basic Guide to Exporting.


  • Port of Los Angeles Trade Connect hosts workshops and seminars for you to learn about opportunities, skills and requirements, and connect with one of the largest trade community in the country. You can visit the Port’s calendar to learn more about upcoming Trade Connect seminars and Trade University workshops.
  • Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Center for Global Trade and Foreign Investment hosts regular workshops and seminars that cover a wide range of international economic and business topics from experts in the field—also great for experienced companies looking to gain cutting-edge insights and connect with the trade community. The L.A. Area Chamber is also the first Chamber in the country provide Certificates of Origin, Free Sale & Good Manufacturing Practices. You can visit the Chamber’s International Trade Calendar for events in Los Angeles and abroad.


  • World Trade Center Los Angeles provides business assistance to local companies seeking to export products and services to the international market as well as hosts and promotes international trade events in Los Angeles. You can find these events on the WTCLA events calendar.


Getting Started

If you’re new to exports and want more personalized assistance to get assisted, Los Angeles has a program that connects you with experts and mentors to help you get started and close deals.



  • Milken Institute New-to-Export 101 provides mentorship to guide new-to-export companies through a standardized set of services to ensure they receive the knowledge, training, and support they need to succeed. You may contact Maurice Kogan at to learn more.
  • CMTC ExporTech™provides manufacturers information on how to comply with regulatory requirements and how to optimize ‘glitch free’ movement of products overseas. You can learn more and complete a contact form on CMTC’s website.

Connect with Markets

If you are more established, have an advanced plan, or need some assistance with an existing project, Los Angeles has a range of specialists to help you connect with opportunities abroad.



  • U.S. Commercial Service is your one-stop shop for federal export assistance with trade professionals in over 75 countries. The Commercial Service's Gold Key Matchmaking Service provides your company with a full matchmaking service that helps identify, vet, and arrange meetings with interested partners overseas. Your local Commercial Service staff are located in two U.S. Export Assistance Centers (USEAC) in downtown L.A. and west L.A. You may find contact information on industry specialists on the USEAC websites for downtown and west L.A.
  • California International Trade Center (CITC) is dedicated to enhance the competitiveness of small and mid-size businesses through digital trade. It serves as a “digital trade office” with self-service tools and targeted training which brings together the best data, SaaS solutions and government resources to empower small businesses to grow their sales overseas. CITC provides many services including website audits and the Global Virtual Internship Program, where students led by a certified digital marketing expert support your digital presence. You can contact CITC on its website for more information.


  • Los Angeles Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association represents the region's customs brokers and freight forwarders and can provide referrals. Contact Deb Johnson at for more details.

Financing Your Exports

You've secured a sale or you're even starting out but you need financing and insurance. There are federal resources and state programs to help fund your foreign projects, manage your risk, and ultimately close the gap and fulfill your order.