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Manage Employees

Managing your team

As a business owner, motivating staff and inspiring loyalty will help you get the most out of your employees. Start by hiring the right people for your needs. Understand interviewing techniques and the skills needed to do the job. Once your team is built, add clarity and structure to their responsibilities to ensure the work is being done and on time. Employees that are not motivated and productive will cost your business money and hurt its long term success.  Here are a few management practices you can implement to help maintain motivation and increase productivity.

  1. Provide incentives
    • It is a common practice to reward management for their work, but don't neglect incentives for your front line staff. Consider different incentives that will help to motivate your team to perform their best.
  2. Provide meaningful feedback
    • Feedback is an essential management skill. Practice providing regular, helpful feedback to employees in a manner that encourages them and helps them to grow as individuals and professionals.
  3. Respect employees as individuals
    • When employees feel genuinely respected, they’re much more likely “to go the extra mile” to help a company succeed.
  4. Invest in training
    • Consider training opportunities - not only for your team to grow their skills and investment in your business, but in yourself as a manager. Look for resources and courses that can help you to continue to evolve as a leader and manage effectively.
  5. Provide support when it is needed
    • Whether it's keeping your equipment up to date so that your employees can do their jobs, or providing emotional support in times of need, ​​showing that you care about your employees as both individuals and professionals can build goodwill and loyalty.  
  6. Model good behavior
    • ​​As a manager, your employees are always watching you. Behave in a way that builds respect among your staff, and you could benefit from a strong and motivated workforce.