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Department of Public Works

There are five key divisions of the Department of Public Works. Key services that may affect business owners include:

Bureau of Contract Administration:

Bureau of Engineering:

  • Reviewing and approving permits for sidewalk/outdoor dining and other business activities that take place on sidewalks or other public right-of-way

Bureau of Sanitation:

  • Collecting trash and recyclables for residential properties. Please note that commercial properties need to contract with a private waste hauler for trash and recycling.
  • Collecting bulky and abandoned items and waste from public trash cans
  • Managing industrial waste, and working with certain types of businesses to pretreat their wastewater, including industrial users, Food Service Establishments, dental offices, dry cleaners and mobile washers
  • Conducting assessments and cleanups of brownfield sites
  • Operating the city's Green Business Certification program 

Bureau of Street Lighting:

  • Installing and maintaining street lighting outside of your business

Bureau of Street Services (StreetsLA):

  • Providing street services such as fixing potholes, street resurfacing, tree removal/trimming, and sidewalk repairs
  • Reviewing applications to install certain sidewalk fixtures, such as news racks or entrance canopies

Important Contact Information

  1. Bureau of Contract Administration
  2. Bureau of Engineering
  3. Bureau of Sanitation
  4. Bureau of Street Lighting
    1. Tel:     (213) 847-1580
    2. Web:
  5. Bureau of Street Services (StreetsLA)
  6. Office of Wage Standards

Department of Public Works