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Department of Transportation

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation leads transportation planning, design, construction, maintenance and operations in the City of Los Angeles.

Key services that the Los Angeles Department of Transportation offer that affect business owners include:

  • Managing all on-street parking and public parking lots and garages in the city
  • Installing and maintaining parking signs, colored curb restrictions, parking meters and parking permit zones. 
  • Installing and maintaining bicycle parking, including racks and corrals, upon request by business owners [Sidewalk Bike Parking Program]  
  • Review of traffic impact and environmental studies associated with larger development projects
  • Providing transportation access to businesses via the DASH bus lines, bike infrastructure and parking
  • Administering the Bicycle Friendly Business Program, which publicly recognizes businesses that cater to bicyclists [Bicycle Friendly Business Program


100 S. Main St, 10th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90012

LA Department of Transportation

(213) 972-8470