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Resources and Incentives

  • The Los Angeles Department of Public Works (LADWP) offers rebates and incentives for commercial customers that install electric vehicle charging stations and/or install a time-of-use meter.

  • The Los Angeles Department of Public Works' (LADWP) Custom Performance Program (CPP) and Commercial Lighting Incentive Program offer rebates for the installation of various energy efficiency measures, including lighting, thermal energy storage and HVAC-refrigeration.

  • The City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning offers Expedited Processing for certain types of zoning and entitlement cases.

  • Through the Feed-in Tariff Program, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) may purchase energy generated from an individual's or business' renewable energy generating systems to help the Department reach its renewable energy goals. The energy generated by these systems will be purchased at a fixed price, subject to time-of-delivery multipliers, for a term of up to 20 years.

  • The City of Los Angeles offers several certifications to promote opportunities for businesses who want to participate in contracting projects with the City. The Women Business Enterprises (WBE) certification is for businesses where at least 51 percent of it is owned and controlled by one or more women. Obtaining the WBE Certification will provide exposure for your businesses to prime contractors. Many city contracts require the prime contractor to reach out and negotiate in good faith to certified businesses such as the WBE. You may also qualify for other certifications such as the Small, Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) or Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

  • The Department of Building and Safety Parallel Design - Permitting Process (PDPP) can help to expedite major projects by allowing the design and permitting processes to occur concurrently.

  • The Restaurant and Hospitality Express Program (RHEP), offered by the Department of Building and Safety, facilitates the approval process for food service establishments, such as restaurants and bars. The RHEP acts to streamline approvals, provide assistance to restaurateurs, their design and construction teams, and enhance coordination in permitting and regulations.

  • The Small Business Tax Exemption exempts businesses with gross receipts under $100,000 from paying City of Los Angeles business taxes. In order to qualify for any business tax exemptions, the business will need to register and file their tax returns with the City of Los Angeles' Office of Finance before the annual deadline.

  • The City's Office of Finance Taxpayer Advocate Program will work with you to research and resolve complex tax problems with the your city business taxes.

  • The City of Los Angeles Vendor Self Service portal (LAVSS) allows our vendors to update account information, submit bids and invoices, track payments, and more.